Episode 012: UnQualified Kings and Queens

Today, on the Winning Morning Convos, we are going to talk about Unqualified Kings and Queens. “I want to challenge you to dismiss your qualifications when it comes to what God is calling you to do.” – Excerpt. In this podcast, I talk about: How Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is currently about 153 billionContinue reading “Episode 012: UnQualified Kings and Queens”

Episode 011: Becoming a Spring

Today, on the Winning Morning Convos I am challenging you to become a spring. “It turns out Jesus never wanted to give her ordinary water. He wanted to fill her up with living water so that she would know how to become a living spring that won’t stop pouring out with water.” – Excerpt. InContinue reading “Episode 011: Becoming a Spring”

Episode 010: Guest – Lilian Ngozi Akobo on Consistency

Today, on the Winning Morning Convos, I sat down with Lilian Ngozi Akobo, the host of the 3-minute audio devotional that has transformed lives from all over the world just by planting seeds of life and encouragement in just three minutes. Lilian is happily married to a man who doubles as her life coach, andContinue reading “Episode 010: Guest – Lilian Ngozi Akobo on Consistency”