EP #22: You Always Have a Choice

“Sometimes there are two choices that seem good, but one is always better..” – Excerpt. In this podcast, I talk about: How even when we think we are going with the proverbial “flow” of things, we have to understand that it’s a choice to go with the flow. You always have a choice to makeContinue reading “EP #22: You Always Have a Choice”

EP #21: The Uphill Climb (And How to Break the Resistance)

“The beginning is usually the place where you will face the greatest resistance. You have to push through it.” – Excerpt. In this podcast, I talk about: How the beginning of anything always seems like the hardest part of the journey. Why you have to push through it. You can’t go on a journey ifContinue reading “EP #21: The Uphill Climb (And How to Break the Resistance)”

EP #20: Smart + Rich, But Something’s Missing

“The one yardstick that will separate whether you lived a blessed life or not won’t be your smartness or wealth, it would be what you did to the least among all people. This one thing is so important to God that it determines whether your whole life was a win or a loss.” – Excerpt.Continue reading “EP #20: Smart + Rich, But Something’s Missing”