Episode 012: UnQualified Kings and Queens

Today, on the Winning Morning Convos, we are going to talk about Unqualified Kings and Queens.

“I want to challenge you to dismiss your qualifications when it comes to what God is calling you to do.” – Excerpt.

In this podcast, I talk about:

  • How Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is currently about 153 billion dollars, started Amazon in his basement.
  • How with God, you don’t need to be qualified because He qualifies kings and queens. He has the power to qualify the unqualified.
  • How it’s in God’s presence that He equips you for His glory. All you need is His presence.
  • Why if God says, “Go,” you need to just go. If He says, “move,” you need to just move. Because He can use anybody and anything to declare His mighty works.

Want the Show notes?

Download the Shownotes for this podcast episode.

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