EP #25: Cape-less in 2021 + My 5 Biggest Lessons for 2022

I bet you wanted a smooth year where you wore a cape like a superhero and you weren’t so vulnerable. Right?

But for a lot of us, 2021 made us feel like our superhero capes had been snatched, and we were left with nothing more than our vulnerabilities.

But through it all, GOD! Guess what? Your Father is with you when you’re strong, but also when you feel weak.

He’s with you on the mountain top and also in the valley. You don’t need to pretend. He’s not far removed from our sufferings. So now that 2022 is here, this Podcast reflects on my 5 biggest lessons from 2021 and the positive mindset I plan to have as I march forward toward a much more joyful year.

In this podcast, I talk about:

  • Why I love superheroes when they’re in their most vulnerable state – that’s when I can relate to them.
  • How David was thrust into a season where he had to depend on God for drops of water. And yet, he is the same powerful king we read about today.
  • How 2021 for me was a season where I had to trust God with my vulnerabilities and anxieties. To be like a baby in my Father’s arms.
  • 5 Biggest Lessons I got from 2021 and how I’m shaping my positive mindset for 2022.

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