EP #19: Fearless in Shadows

“I realized at a very early age that people tend to value what you bring to the table more than your appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re short or tall, petite, or ripped, slender or big-boned. What matters is what you carry on the inside.” – Excerpt.

In this podcast, I talk about:

  • How if you focus on a shadow, you really won’t be able to see the real thing casting the shadow on the wall.
  • Five reasons why we must be FEARLESS.
  • Why as a Christian, the word “shadow” to me signifies problems that the enemy has magnified such that they falsely appear bigger than the solutions God has already provided.
  • How the “Rule of Opposites” works in God’s kingdom, and it’s this: If you are a child of God, you can be fearless because no matter what negative comes your way, there is an opposite positive effect from God. And the positive always wins at the end of the day (I give examples of Biblical shadows and their opposites in the episode).

Want the Show notes?

Download the Shownotes for this podcast episode.

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