EP #14: Don’t Dance Around It!

Don't Dance Around It - Episode 14

Today, on the Winning Morning Convos, I want to challenge you to stop dancing around the subject. Choose a side already!

“When it comes to making a choice or taking a standpoint, do you find yourself running away from the subject, or do you run in boldly and take a seat? Don’t dance around it. It’s either you’re in or out. It’s either you choose it or don’t. It’s either you’re in it for the long haul or not. It’s not tap dance.” – Excerpt.

In this podcast, I talk about:

  • How we need to take a stance. It’s either we choose light or darkness. It’s either we choose the Word of God or we choose the world. It’s either we choose to delve in one hundred percent into a friendship, or we lose it completely. Everything is a choice.
  • How time is not your friend. The 24 hours in a day are a gift. If you don’t make good choices, you lose those hours. They’re gone forever.
  • Why the main thing God is asking of you is that you choose life so that He can help you navigate the life that you’ve chosen.

Want the Show notes?

Download the Shownotes for this podcast episode.

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