Episode 008: Guest – Ighiwiyisi Jacobs on The Power of One

Today, on the Winning Morning Convos, I sat down with Ighiwiyisi Jacobs after she had just finished a studio session, and I listened intently as she talked about The Power of One. Suffice it to say that you will be so blessed when you listen to what she had to say.

Ighiwiyisi Jacobs is a Worship minister and the creative director of Hermosa Boda, a company that specializes in visual merchandising for store owners, scene staging for creating and staging props, and concept development and implementation for set design. Ighiwiyisi is a multi-talented woman and wears many hats. She is also an excellent writer and artist. You can find Ighiwiyisi on Instagram @IghiwiyisiJacobs.

In this podcast, Ighiwiyisi talks about:

  • How everything must be done with excellence. There’s no excuse for mediocrity with God.
  • How God told her to record her video, The Power of One, because someone needed to be encouraged to stop discrediting that one thing they’re doing.
  • How God has the power of taking that one thing you’re doing and changing your life forever.

Mentioned in this Podcast:

Ighiwiyisi’s original Instagram video, The Power of One.

Be Encouraged

“Don’t lose focus. You were trained for days like this. Light has no impact if there is no darkness. This is the time to shine.” – Ighiwiyisi Jacobs.

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2 responses to “Episode 008: Guest – Ighiwiyisi Jacobs on The Power of One”

  1. Uchenna Madukwe Avatar
    Uchenna Madukwe

    This was so inspiring. God bless you


    1. We are very glad you listened, Uche. Keep winning!


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