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The Winning Morning Convos podcast opens your heart to powerful conversations to inspire you to win daily. Every win you will ever have begins with a conversation in your head, and you want that conversation to be rooted in the Word of God. In the WMC community, you are equipped with weekly inspiration from carefully selected Bible-based topics, interviews with guest speakers, and shared life experiences. When we stay planted in God’s Word, we win every day.

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Cape-less in 2021

EP #25: Cape-less in 2021 + My 5 Biggest Lessons for 2022

I bet you wanted a smooth year where you wore a cape like a superhero and you weren’t so vulnerable. Right? But for a lot of us, 2021 made us feel like our superhero capes had been snatched, and we were left with nothing more than our vulnerabilities. But through it all, GOD! Guess what?…

EP #24: Have Faith for New Things

About 80 percent of people FAIL when they start something new. And maybe, just maybe, you’re sitting there right now, toying with the thoughts in your brain, debating on whether you should have faith for new things. What does that even mean? Have faith for new things? I don’t know what your “new thing” is,…

EP #23: The Better Part

“Only a few things are needed. Mary has chosen the better part.” – Jesus (to Martha). In this podcast, I talk about: How I selected the “better part” of Gala, a little sausage roll pastry filled with sausage meat.Why Jesus told Martha that her sister, Mary, had chosen the “better part.” How fulfilling your purpose…

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